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In a dynamic and competitive marketplace, restaurants and bars must find ways to separate themselves from the competition to succeed. A common way of doing this is adapting trends that other establishments haven’t picked up on yet.

One service trend that has gained recent popularity across the nation is the practice of serving cocktails from a pitcher. Instead of making a drink for each individual, restaurants and bars everywhere from Chicago to New York have been batching their drinks for a variety of reasons.
One reason this trend has exploded is because it simplifies service. Whether a bar or restaurant is hosting an event for 100 people or just a small group of coworkers coming in for happy hour, cocktail pitchers are a great way to serve drinks quickly and keep everyone pleased. It can prevent the bar from becoming backed up, improving customer service. Some drinks can also be pre-batched, increasing speed even more.
Another advantage to serving cocktail pitchers comes from the quality of taste they deliver. Tokio Pub in Schaumburg, IL, found their Pub Mixers taste better when made in large batches than when individually mixed. It’s a simple and effective way to maintain consistency and quality for every drink.
Pitchers also add to the communal experience that alcohol provides. Patrons can easily share drinks and compare tastes, discovering new favorites along the way. Frankies 570 Spuntino in Manhattan offers pitchers containing specialty seasonal Italian drinks that aren’t common in most bars, giving guests a great opportunity to expand their palate.
The popular vodka brand Grey Goose even took advantage of this trend last year when they held promotional events where attendees mingled while enjoying beautiful summer weather and cocktail pitchers.
For those wanting to mix their own drinks, Bon Appétit magazine offers some tasty recommendations. If you prefer organic, check out this video featuring some very unique and delicious mixes. Using one of these recipes, you could invite some friends over and light up the party with an LED pitcher.
However, bars and restaurants should choose wisely when adopting this service style, as it may not be a perfect fit for every consumer. Knowing your customers’ preferences and culture is essential to deciding if it’s the right choice for your establishment. If you can make quality drinks that people will enjoy with each other and come back for every week, you’ve found a winner with cocktail pitchers!

What unique drink trends are you serving up?

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